Napa Valley, CA

While being known world wide for wine in this Valley, it was raising and showing pigs that captivated me. I had my first pig at the age of four. My Grandpa gave it to me because I was so infatuated with it. That was where my love started. My cousins showed and raised pigs. My father and sister showed and raised sheep, but I had no interest in them at all. I was completely focused on turning the age of nine and showing pigs at my local county fair. That's where it all started, just like it does for many others. This however is not a biography on my life story.

Currently today my focus is finding and identifying the animals kids will need to be successful in the ring. However that is not the complete process. Showing livestock really encompasses three different key elements.

1. What you start with.
2. How you develop it. (Feeding, Training and Environment)
3. How you bring it all together on show day.

My desire is to be of help in all three phases. I know what it can be like too grow up and lack the necessary help that is required to succeed. It takes a true TEAM effort to have success these days in the ring. The competitive level has risen to unbelievable heights. There is no challenge I am not willing to tackle with a youngster that is willing to put in the time and energy it takes to succeed.

So with that being said, it's a strong love for the kids we do this with and the pigs we show that drives me every day. The process excites me as much as anything. The end result matters but it is simply a part of the journey. I enjoy the adversity, the challenge, the success, and most importantly, getting to know people and seeing different parts of the country. I hope you enjoy the website and understand that I will take whatever route is necessary to place you a competitive Showpig. The work only starts once you receive your animal.

Please call, text or email and I'll get back to you at my earliest chance.
I am available to animals for any level of show, at any time of year.

Thank You
Ernest Donohoe